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Sirius Online


Server Description


AcademySRO | 110 Cap EU-CH | Drop System | Coin System | Silk System | Very Soon | BETA 07/02/2024 G.O 10/02/2024

Server Features

TONIGHT 21:00 GRAND OPEN 10/02/2024 As Academy Sro Family, we want to give you a different pleasure. That''s exactly why we brought to you a slightly crazier 110 cap experience, apart from the usual servers. In addition to your old 110 cap periods that smell like effort, we have added some innovations to our game that we think you will like; The spawn points of Uniqs will be specific on the map. We will provide you convenience with a completely different panel in the game. We have already integrated innovative pads for those who are bored of the usual pads. Plenty of different events are available in our teleports. You Will Earn While Playing, You Will Be able to Play While Earning, Sales Are Free!!! Don''t forget to come to our discord address for many more events; Promotion: 2024.1212/